LeeO for farmers

LeeO is an indispensable application for farmers who want to view the life cycle of an individual pig – or a group of pigs – at a glance, act quickly and thereby generate better value per pig. The LeeO application instantly records key data, such as: birth, genetics, sex, weaning and type of feed, but also any diseases, medication, cause of death and slaughter details.

Easy to use

All data are entered directly – for a pig, a group or a pen – from the shed into the handy application. This makes it quick and easy to carry out administrative tasks. The app is straightforward to use, incorporating a handy checklist reflecting every significant event within the life cycle.

To measure is to know

The LeeO weighing scales record the (birth) weight and begin measuring the individual animal. The scales are linked to the application. After each feed, the app tracks how much feed the pig has consumed and automatically records the animal’s growth cycle. The LeeO reports show you at a glance whether the animal (or a sow’s litter of piglets) is on the right growth curve. As a farmer, you quickly see whether the growth process needs to be stimulated and you can avoid wasting feed. You will promote your pigs’ stable growth and get a better return.

Administration of medication

The administration of medication is easily tracked in the app too. This is done using the LeeO scanner. The scanner records the medication’s ingredients and links these to the pig. This allows you to see instantly whether the medication is affecting the animal’s growth.

Clear reports

The LeeO application makes it easy for you to create your own dashboard, with clear graphs and reports. If you wish, you have the option to share these reports with your supplier(s), vet or other relevant parties. They can then view your pigs’ life cycle and production cycle too, and you can promptly implement any recommendations they may have.
The group scanner is linked to the LeeO app. These results can also be viewed instantly in the dashboard. The group scanner enables transportation processes to be monitored more quickly and easily.

The LeeO application is available as a basic version, which can be extended as you wish.
The minimum Android version for LeeO will soon be 4.4.2.