LeeO for researchers

LeeO is an indispensable application that provides a clear overview of the life cycle of an individual pig – or a group of pigs. The LeeO application instantly records key data, such as: birth, genetics, sex, weaning and type of feed, but also any diseases, medication, cause of death and slaughter details. LeeO makes it possible to trace every single pig.

Improving the value chain

Since the pigs are traceable, processes can be monitored precisely. This could, for instance, prevent contamination. In the event of an epidemic, the source of an infection could be detected. For researchers, this means that genetic processes, feed products and medicines, etc., can be optimised, with the ultimate goal being to improve the value chain for pigs.


With the handy LeeO application, as a researcher you have key data representing the pigs’ life cycle and production cycle at your fingertips, at all times and wherever you are. You can compile questionnaires to whatever level of detail you require and you can record significant values. The data helps you maintain sight of, for instance, the pigs’ physical condition, faecal scores and the shed climate. The pigs’ feed consumption is also measurable using the app. Individual results and group weights can be linked into your research and further analyses.


LeeO allows research studies and tests to be conducted even more efficiently. The application enables you to randomise a sample quickly and easily. You can have LeeO determine the randomisation or upload your own preferred randomisation. The LeeO app then tells you exactly where the individual animal and/or group of pigs needs to go.