Registration of individual pigs

from birth to consumption

LeeO is an application for farmers, researchers and processors. It maps out a pig’s entire life cycle: from birth to slaughter and processing of the meat. LeeO records all significant events within the pig’s life cycle, connecting all stages of the production cycle.


LeeO is an indispensable application for farmers who want to optimise and simplify the life cycle of an individual pig – or a group of pigs – and generate better value per pig.

LeeO for farmers


LeeO makes it possible to trace pigs individually. Processes can therefore be measured more precisely, enabling the optimisation of genetic processes, feed products and medicines.

LeeO for researchers


As a pork processor, LeeO enables you to guarantee top-quality meat and trace the meat’s provenance with great precision. The data from the electronic ear tag can be linked with the carcass, enabling you to review the individual animal’s full history.

LeeO for processors

How does LeeO work?

The pig’s life cycle is recorded by means of an electronic ear tag, linked to the LeeO app. A scanner is used to read the electronic ear tag and link the data to the app. The app then records the pig’s growth cycle, medication administered, and diet.

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Savings by feeding as needed

Benefits to farmers

The health status of every animal instantly accessible wherever you are

Benefits to researchers

The LeeO system will be fully set up for you

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Frequently asked questions

The LeeO app works on all Android phones with Android version 5.0 or above.

The LeeO solution works regardless of the number of animals you register. However, for a full and accurate representation of your company and production, our advice is to register all of your animals.

Since the insights offered within the LeeO app matter to every pig farmer, we operate just one type of application: LeeO. As soon as an animal has been registered by means of an electronic ear tag, all options within the LeeO app are ready to use.

Install the LeeO app on your smartphone, and buy the reader and some electronic ear tags (data units) from one of our sales outlets. Then the recording can begin! The data collected will be accessible via your account in the LeeO cloud.