LeeO for processors

LeeO is an indispensable application that provides a clear overview of the life cycle of an individual pig – or a group of pigs. The LeeO application instantly records key data, such as: birth, genetics, sex, weaning and type of feed, but also any diseases, medication, cause of death and slaughter details. These high-value data give you as processor better insight into the (expected) deliveries and the quality of the pork.

Electronic ear tags (RFID)

With the LeeO app, RFID scanning can be used on the slaughter line either manually or fully automated. The group scanner enables the scanning of a single pig or of a large group of pigs at once. Use of the electronic ear tags provides better insight into the pigs’ performance and, if necessary, allows more rapid intervention in the process. The electronic ear tags (RFID) ultimately result in 3% less wastage.


One feature of the LeeO application shows you the number of new births, so you can make confident predictions. In addition, the meat’s provenance can be traced with precision. For instance, you can see – for individual animals – what their feed consumption was, how their growth has progressed and whether they were administered medicines or antibiotics. The LeeO app enables you to guarantee quality and enhances your eligibility for quality marks such as the three-star ‘Beter Leven’ animal welfare certification. Such valuable insights make it possible to partner with farmers and researchers in continually striving for better products.